Use Technology Judiciously

How can your firm judiciously harness technology for strategic account management?

In this case, the steps in the chapter are the best way to answer that question:

  1. Step One: Identify critical strategic account management performance needs within the context of the sales and customer management processes.

  2. Step Two: Identify and speak to noncompetitive firms that have successfully implemented technology solutions for their strategic account management programs.

  3. Step Three: Filter—which of these strategic account performance needs could technology best meet?

  4. Step Four: Assess the technology-readiness of both the strategic account managers and anyone else who will be using the system.

  5. Step Five: Develop and support tech-based solutions.

  6. Step Six: Implementation—pilot, then rollout.

  7. Step Seven: Review and revise tools..

The Seven Keys to Managing Strategic Accounts
The Seven Keys to Managing Strategic Accounts
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