List of Figures

Chapter 1: Introduction: What is Strategic Account Management?

Figure 1-1: Key Account Selling Programs and Strategic Account Management Programs—A Comparison

Chapter 3: Key 2: Create Firm Alignment and Commitment to Meet Strategic Accounts' Needs and Expectations

Figure 3-1: Three Elements of Organizational Alignment
Figure 3-2: Benefits of Alignment
Figure 3-3: How Account Aligned Is Your Firm?
Figure 3-4: Strategy Questions
Figure 3-5: Knauf Quality Quest

Chapter 4: Key 3: Start with the Right Number of the Right Strategic Accounts

Figure 4-1: The Buy-Sell Hierarchy
Figure 4-2: Account Portfolio Analysis
Figure 4-3: Customer Value Clarifications
Figure 4-4: Representative Strategic Account Selection Criteria

Chapter 5: Key 4: Create Human Resources Support for Strategic Account Managers

Figure 5-1: The H. R. Chally Strategic Account Manager Competency Model
Figure 5-2: Chally on Time and Effort
Figure 5-3: Chally on Proactive Assistance
Figure 5-4: Chally on Developing Technical Competencies
Figure 5-5: Chally on Training Others
Figure 5-6: Things to Consider
Figure 5-7
Figure 5-8: Factors Impacting Strategic Account Assignment

Chapter 6: Key 5: Create Firmwide Relationships at Multiple Levels of Relationships Between the Firm and its Most Critical Accounts

Figure 6-1: Buying Influence Group (BIG) Map
Figure 6-2: Relationship Map Checklist
Figure 6-3: Strategic Account Loss Cycle

Chapter 7: Key 6: Regularly Quantify and Communicate the Value Received From and Delivered to Strategic Accounts

Figure 7-1: Lifetime Customer Exercise
Figure 7-2: Margin Adjustment Factors

Chapter 8: Key 7: Use Technology Judiciously

Figure 8-1: Seven Steps to Successful Systems Implementation

Chapter 9: Conclusion: From Analysis to Action: Moving the Game Forward

Figure 9-1: Benefits of Strategic Account Management
Figure 9-2: Planning and Implementing a Strategic Account Management Program (SAMP)

The Seven Keys to Managing Strategic Accounts
The Seven Keys to Managing Strategic Accounts
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