ASP.NET Developer's JumpStart
By Paul D. Sheriff, Ken Getz
Table of Contents

We would like to thank a few people who helped us get this book put together. Many people contributed to this book, and they deserve some of the credit for making it a reality:

  • The editorial staff at Sams, especially Sondra Scott, Acquisitions Editor; Karen Wachs, Development Editor; Bart Reed, Copy Editor; and Elizabeth Finney, Project Editor. Your help and support made it far easier to put together this book.

  • The staff at PDSA, Inc. for helping review and tech edit most of these chapters.

  • Craig Utley, for some of the material in Chapter 4, "Overview of .NET Framework Classes."

  • Stephen Scott and Martin Wasznicky for some of the material in Chapter 26, "Development and Deployment Techniques."

  • The input of several of our fellow instructors, including Mike Groh, Tom Howe, Bruce Jones, and Scott Barker.

  • Mary Chipman and Andy Baron, for unflagging efforts in helping dig into some of the dark corners of ASP.NET.

  • Erik Ruthruff, of Informant Communications Group, for helping us get started on this book by prodding us to write .NET courseware.

If there is useful content in this book, it's due in part to these folks, and to the many others who helped us learn ASP.NET. If there are errors or omissions, of course, it's all the authors' doing!


    ASP. NET Developer's JumpStart
    ASP.NET Developers JumpStart
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