Appendix A: Call Center Vendor Resources-Product and Service Offerings

The following is a guide to a number of selected vendors of call center products and services. The list provides vendor name, Website or telephone number, and a brief description of the products or services offered. It is not a complete or definitive list of vendors, but it does represent an extensive cross section of proven vendor products and services. The list was current at time of publication; however, the nature of the call center environment is dynamic and changes rapidly. There will always be new vendors in the market.

The products and services provided by these vendor organizations include call center communications systems, CTI, ACD products, outsourcing services, as well as workforce measurements systems, consulting services, and a variety of PBX systems designed for call center operations.

Accelerated Payment Systems Automated check-debiting system for call center transaction processing

ACI Telecentrics (612)928-4700 Call center outsourcing for telephone-based sales and marketing services, primarily to publishing, financial, insurance and telecommunications service industries

Active Voice Repartee voice processing and unified messaging applications

Aculab Computer telephony hardware, particularly boards

Acuvoice Speech synthesis system and text-to-speech system

Adante ACD e-mail

Adaptiv Software Corporation Workforce management software

Adaptive Innovations Software that converts statistics and data normally sent to a CSR via a LCD reader board to a desktop monitor for blind CSRs

Aditi Corporation Software for transacting customer service over the Internet

Advanced Access Electronic commerce, call center, and fulfillment solutions

Advanced Recognition Technology Voice recognition software

Advantage kbs Problem resolution software and customer support applications

Aegis Communications Group (214) 361-9870 Outsourced telecommunications-based marketing, customer service, and call center management services

Affinitec Call Center Systems/AAC Call center management software, reader board drivers, and call accounting systems

Ahern Communications Headset distributor

Alert Communications Service bureau and outsourcer of call center services

Alltel Call center solution including consulting, implementation, and dedicated or shared outsourcing

Alpha Technologies (800) 322-5742 Power protection, CFR Series UPS, and ALCI industrial line conditioners

AltiGen Communications Computer telephony and Internet solutions for small to mid-sized businesses

Amcom Software A suite of call center applications including auto-attendant, voice response, and various messaging features

Amend Group Site selection assistance as well as commercial real estate services for call centers

American Power Conversion UPS, power protection, and surge protectors

American Productivity & Quality Center Benchmarking and other research related to call centers

Ameritech Turnkey, end-to-end, call center systems

Amtelco Call center systems with modular ACD functions, directory systems, departmental registry, and e-mail

Analogic Speech recognition and text-to-speech systems

AnswerSoft Telephony automation software

Apex Voice Communications High-density, scalable systems for call centers

Applied Innovation Management Web-based software for managing external product support

Apropos Technology Integrated suite of switch-independent call center applications

Ariel Corporation Design, manufacture, and marketing of DSP-based data communications hardware and software products

Aspect Telecommunications www.aspect./com ACD voice processing system and software for linkage between applications

Artisoft Telephony systems with call center features

Astea Field service and internal help desk environment

Atio Corporation A modular call center solution

AT&T Long-distance, toll-free, and call center consulting

AuBeta Telecom An out-of-the-box family of call center systems

Aurora Systems Computer telephony software (middleware)

Aurum Software Integrated applications for field sales, channel sales, telesales, telemarketing, corporate marketing, and customer service

Automatic Answer Automated attendants and voice processing systems based on industry-standard PC platforms

AVT Open systems based on advanced computer telephony products

Balisoft A Web/call center integration suite with collaborative tools

Banksoft Small call center system that provides call processing and backend data processing

Bard Technologies ACD simulator system for call centers

Barnhill Associates Systems integrators and consultants on process reengineering

BCS Technologies PBX/ACD for small call centers

Bell Contact Centre Solutions Contact center consulting, organization, and training

Bigby, Havis & Associates Human resource consulting for call centers

Blue Pumpkin Software Workforce management software

Bogen Communications (201) 934-8500 Messages on hold, digital announcers, voice loggers, and recorder

Boston Communications Group Call center outsourcing services

Brady Group Planning, design, and implementation of customer service strategies, work processes, and technologies

Bramic Creative Business Products (905) 649-2734 Ergonomic furniture for call centers

Brigade Solutions Internet customer support outsourcing

Brightware Web-based customer interaction systems

Bristol Group Large-scale faxing systems

Brite Voice Systems Voice processing and IVR systems that integrate voice, fax, CTI, and Internet capabilities

Broadbase Information Systems Enterprise performance management systems

Brooktrout Technology Fax, voice, and telephony products, mainly at the component level

Buffalo International Object telephony server, a high-performance, flexible telephony platform

Business Telecom Products Professional-quality headsets

CACI Products Company Call center tool to set up a model of staffing and volume

Call Center Network Group Membership organization for call center professionals

Call Center Solutions Predictive dialers and call-blending equipment

Call Center Technology Supervisor and call center knowledge management tool

Call Center University Professional organization that promotes certification programs and call center management standards

Call Interactive IVR and call center outsourcing

Call One Headset and conferencing equipment distribution

Callscan Australia Call center products and services for the Australian and New Zealand markets

Calonge & Associates Scripting and script consulting for business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing campaigns

Carnegie Group Consulting, application development, and systems integration for call centers

Cascade Technologies Software for employee benefits and human resources

CCI-Hansen Limited Workforce management systems

CCS TrexCom Hardware and software platforms for IVR

CCT Group Call center support tools and full-service call center consulting

CellIT Call center system with blended multimedia support, inbound (ACD), outbound predictive dialing, IVR call logging, messaging, and unified SQL reporting

CenterCore Cubicles and agent workstations

CenterForce Technologies Call center optimization system for outbound campaigns

Centerpoint Technologies Computer telephony systems

Centigram Voice processing equipment

Century Telecommunications Call center outsourcer

Chordiant Software Software for managing customer data, including transaction data, customer histories, and business processes

Cicat Networks ISDN specialists

Cincom Systems CTI-enabled call center application

Cintech ACD for small and mid-size call centers

Cisco Systems Networking products and systems

ClearVox Communications Hands-free headsets for PCs, cordless phones, the Internet, and other applications

Clientele Software Customer service software

Com2001 Technologies Provider of a telephone system service and a range of communication services

CoMatrix (800) 888-7822 Supplier of used telecom equipment

Comdial LAN-based ACD software product

Comdisco Disaster Recovery Disaster recovery and service assurance programs

CommercePath EDI to fax system

Commetrex Computer telephony boards

CommuniTech Distributor of headsets

ComputerTalk Technology Server-based ACD with digital switching and built-in CTI

Comverse Information Systems Digital recorders, voice loggers, and monitoring systems

Contact Dynamics Software and services for interactive Internet communications

Convergys Corporation Conversational voice technologies

ConServIT Inbound service bureau

Copia International Business fax/voice software

CoreSoft Technologies Multifunction telephony equipment

Cortelco Switching systems, ISDN equipment, and software

CosmoCom Integrated multimedia customer service for Internet and telephone callers

Crystal Group Fault-resilient computer systems

CSI-Data Collection Resources Automated voice and data products for call centers

CT Solutions Computer telephony VAR equipment for a variety of manufacturers

CTL Voice processing system for the low end of the market

Dakotah Direct Outsourcing call center service bureau

Daktronics Multiline readerboards with custom and standard interfaces

Data Processing Resources Corporation Applications and technologies for call centers, network, and telecommunication organizations

Datapoint Computer-based communications solutions, including client-server, video communications, and integrated telephony applications

Davox Predictive dialers as well as a CTI/blend system

Dialogic Voice cards, SCSA hardware, fax boards, and CTI software

Digisoft Computers Call center software for PC-based networks

Digital Software International Scripts for use by CSRs in outbound or inbound call centers

Digital Techniques Design and manufacture of telephony products for the call centers

Distributed Bits E-mail tracker and response automator for call centers

DP Solutions Help desk and customer support software

Drextec PC-LAN-based open predictive dial and telemarketing software system for centers of 12 to 144 agents

DSP Group Speech compression technology

Dytel Automated attendants

E-Speech Corporation Speech recognition

E-Voice Communications Voice mail systems that incorporate unified messaging technology

Easyphone SA Call center management software

EasyRun Desktop computer telephony systems

Edify IVR and workflow software

EFusion A platform for application creation using combined voice and data networks

eGain Communications Customer service solutions for electronic commerce

EIS International Predictive dialers, outbound, and integrated inbound/outbound applications for call centers

Energy Enterprises Call center training and consulting services

Enterprise Integration Group Services geared to CTI

Entertainment Technology 416-598-2223 Call center display board system

Envision Telephony Monitoring and quality assurance software for call centers

Envox Script editor for developing multimedia call center applications

Epigraphx Fax on demand and Internet-enabled fax/ Web combos

eShare Technologies Web-based customer service and support

Estech (972) 422-9700 Telephone/voice mail product

Evolving Systems Operational support systems for IP

Exacom Automated messaging system

Executone Information Systems Integrated digital system platform, ACDs, and predictive dialers

Expert Systems IVR development product

Eyretel Quality monitoring and multimedia recording systems

FaceTime Communications Internet/call center systems

Far Systems Interactive voice response application generation software and systems

FaxNet Enhanced fax services

FaxSav Internet fax systems

FaxStar (800) 327-9859 Enterprisewide fax server systems

Figment Technologies Unified messaging product

Flashpoint Solutions Custom and generic music and messages on-hold CDs and service

Franklin Telecom Systems for voice over Internet communications

Fujitsu Business Communication Systems A variety of call center tools-core switches, CTI links, and specific applications and services

Funk Software Remote control technology that incorporates screen monitoring and screen record and playback

Fuseworks A live Internet marketing solution

GBH Distributing Headsets for a variety of applications, including call centers

Genesys Telecommunications Combined inbound/ outbound call processor

GM Productions Professional recording of voice prompts and other kinds of announcements

GN Netcom Wireless and corded headsets

Graybar Distributor of telecom and call center products

Hammer Technologies Testing for call center telecommunications systems, CTI, and voice over IP applications

Harris Switching systems and PBX

Hello Direct Catalog distributor of headsets and other consumer telephony devices

HTL Telemanagement Calculator for simulating call center conditions

IBM/Early Cloud Distributed software for large-scale call center automation that allows companies to automate customer contact applications

IEX Call center management and workforce management software

Inference Case-based problem resolution engine for help desks

Infinet LANS and WANS, CTI, remote office connectivity, network management

Infinite Technologies E-mail, Internet, and remote access products

Info Group Telemanagement and call center information systems

Info Systems Voice processing application generator

InfoActiv Call center consulting and systems integration, computer telephony, interactive voice response, voice messaging, enterprise and operations management

Infobase Services Inc. (ISI) CTI systems, CTI-Link integration systems, monitoring and routing systems, systems integration services

Information Gateways (703-760-0000) Switchless call center platforms that incorporate ACD, PBX, IVR, dialing, scripting, and campaign management functions

Information Management Associates (IMA) Enterprise customer interaction software for call centers

InfoServ USA Specialist in the design of IVR systems and applications for vertical markets

Intecom ACD and PBX functions on a single communications platform

IntegreTel Billing and collection services for the telephone industry and call center outsourcing

Intek Information High-end outsourcing services and technology consulting

Intellisystems Interactive expert system that provides self-support on the phone and on the Web

Interactive Communication Systems Customer services for computer telephony deployment

Interactive Digital Add-on software for reducing call duration on interactive voice response systems

Interactive Intelligence Computer telephony product for enterprises and call centers

Interactive Quality Services Quality assurance consulting and testing services

Interalia Communications Announcement and messaging systems

Interfax International network services via the Internet

Interior Concepts Furniture systems for call centers

Interprise Architectural interior design for call center design and development

InterVoice Advanced call and business process automation systems

ISC Consultants Call center consulting and optimization

Jabra Headsets for call centers

Kaset International Customer service training programs

Key Voice Technologies Small office and corporate voice systems

KnowDev Systems for agent training and evaluation

Knowlix Knowledge tools for seamless integration into existing internal help desks and customer support centers

KSBA Architects Architecture, planning, interior design, and project management of call centers

Lernout & Hauspie Speech recognition, text-to-speech, speech-to-text systems

Line 4 CTI middleware software

Linkon A variety of call center products, including voice boards that support a wide range of advanced voice processing applications

Locus Dialogue Speech recognition systems

Lucent Technologies ACDs, voice processing system, and other devices

MarkeTel Systems Predictive dialing systems

MasterMind Technologies Telephony application development platform

MasterX Corporation Tool suites that facilitate the real-time transport of data

MATRAnet Internet software for e-commerce applications

Maxxar Platform for running call center and computer telephony applications

MCI Call Center Solutions A full spectrum of services for the call center industry

MCK Communications Remote voice systems

MediaPhonics Hardware, firmware, software, and CTI architectures and products

Mediasoft Telecom Computer telephony and Web systems as a strategic technology partner to OEM

Melita International Predictive dialing systems

Mercom Audiolog voice logging server system

Merlin Systems Oy Value-added services for call centers including PBXs, Lan PBXs, and VoIP services

Metasound Messaging on hold systems

Micro Computer Systems A product to route inbound e-mail to reps in support environments

MicroAutomation Call management software

Microlog IVR systems for UNIX and DOS

Mitel PBXs to manage ACD groups for small call centers

Molloy Group Enterprise knowledge management software solution for customer support

Multi-Channel Systems PC-based predictive dialers

Mustang Software E-mail management solutions

N-Soft A family of CTI modules and a CTI development environment

National TechTeam Computer and customer service solutions

Natural Microsystems Major supplier of voice boards and voice processing platforms

Netaccess ISDN and modem technology

NetDialog Web-based customer interaction front end for call centers

NetManage Visual connectivity solutions

NetPhone CTI servers, boards, and applications for NT

Netphonic Call voice browser to integrate the Internet with an IVR system Analyzes and measures Website traffic and log analysis software for Web servers

Network Associates Software for help desk, data security

Neuron Data Call center automation systems

NewMetrics Corporation Workforce management solutions

NexCen Technologies Customer care products to integrate billing, network management, trouble ticketing, and order management systems

NICE Systems Digital call-logging system to integrate with all major switches and CTI servers

Noble Systems Customized call center automation with inbound, predictive dialing, and blended call management

Norrell Corporation Call center outsourcing services

Nortel Switches, ACDs, software, fiber cable

North Highland Company Management and technology consulting including call center consulting services

Nuance Communications Speech recognition system

Nuera Digital circuit multiplication equipment

Octane Software Internet/call center front-end products

Omtool Internet/intranet fax server system

OnQueue Call Center Consulting (215) 491-4636 Workforce management services

Ontario Systems PC-based predictive dialers

Oracle Database software

Outreach Technologies Conferencing technology

Ovum Consulting and market research

Paknetx Internet-based ACD systems

Panamax Surge protectors and power-related systems for protecting phone systems, networks, and PCs

Para Systems Power protection devices

Parity Software Development Software tools and hardware components for developing computer telephony applications

PaylinX Corporation Real-time credit card authorization software for call centers, IVR, Internet, and POS applications

Pegasystems Customer interaction solutions

Perimeter Technology Centrex and SL-1 ACD product

Periphonics Voice processing

Phonetic Systems Speech-enabled, telephony-based directory search solutions

Picazo Communications PC-based phone system that includes ACD

Pipkins Call center management software, workforce management

Plantronics Headsets

Platinum Software Corporation Developer of client/ server enterprise resource planning software

Portage Communications Call center designer, Windows-based software tools

PrairieFyre Software ACD management information system

Prestige International Multilingual and international call center company

PRIMA System integration professional services for the IVR and CTI markets

Primus Problem resolution and knowledge management software

Priority Fulfillment Service (888) 330-5504 Inbound telemarketing, order entry and fulfillment, credit card authorization, customized reporting, and outbound telemarketing service offerings

ProAmerica Service call management help desk software

Product Line (800) 343-4717 Live-agent inbound and outbound call handing and help desk services

Professional Help Desk (PHD) Help desk software

Promodel Corporation Simulation product and systems

Pronexus Fax server and interactive voice application generator

PTT Telecom Netherlands US (212) 246-2130 National telecom carrier of the Netherlands

PureSpeech Speech recognition product suite

Q.Sys Telephony servers

Qronus Interactive Testing systems for CTI products

Quality Call Solutions Turnkey system integrator of IVR and CTI for call centers

Quintus Corporation Broad-based suite of front-end software for call centers

Racal Recorders Voice loggers, with up to 96 channel capacity

Remedy Help desk and customer service software

Response Interactive Software to provide a live link between visitors to a Website and call center CSRs

RightFax Enterprise fax servers

Rockwell Integrated call center platform technologies, including ACD, CTI, and information management tools

ScheduleSoft Corporation Scalable personnel scheduling solutions

Sento Corporation Phoneless phone centers, all IP-based

ServiceWare Software for knowledge management

Shark Multimedia Voice messaging and data/fax communications systems

Siebel Systems SFA and enterprisewide customer management systems

Siemens Switches; large, high-end ACDs; software for call routing

Silknet Software Internet-based customer service application

Sitel Corporation Outsourced telephone-based customer service and sales

Skywave IP telephony gateway for service providers

Softbase Systems Nonintrusive desktop messaging system for intranets

Soundlogic Help desk systems

Spanlink Internet call center products and services

Specialized Resources Telecom consulting, systems integration, and systems maintenance

Spectrum Corp. Wallboards used to communicate ACD information to agents in a call center

SpeechSoft IVR and application generation systems

SpeechWorks Interactive speech systems for automating telephone transactions

Sprint Long-distance and consulting services for call centers

SPS Payment Systems Call center outsourcing services

Square D EPE Technologies (714) 557-1636 Power protection systems

StarVox A business-to-business VoIP system for enterprisewide deployment

StepUp Software Simple help desk for small centers

Steve Sibulsky Productions Message-on-hold production services

Sungard Data Systems Disaster recovery and service assurance programs

Swisscom Swiss national telecom carrier

Symon Communications Readerboards and middleware for call center client/server applications

Syntellect Voice processing, IVR, predictive dialing, and Web-related call center products

Systems Modeling Simulation tool for modeling call center performance

Sytel Limited Predictive dialers, high-speed campaign simulation, and workforce management tools

TAB Products Call center facilities and design systems

Tandem Computers High-reliability servers and platforms for call center applications

TargetVision Employee communication systems (readerboards), services and software

Taske Technology Call center management software for telephone systems

TCS Management Group Workforce management systems

Technology Solutions Company Consulting and systems integration

Teknekron Infoswitch Call center software for job applicant screening and agent monitoring and evaluation

Tekno Industries (708) 766-6960 Call center network management systems

Tekton Digital voice logging systems for recording and archiving telephone transactions

Telecorp Products ACD management system with readerboard

Telegenisys Call processing systems that include CTI applications, predictive dialing, and IVR

Telegra Corp. Fax test equipment to analyze Internet fax, fax servers, and networks

Tele-Serve Call Center Call center applications, answering services, telemarketing, and other telemessaging functions

TCT House Consultancy, training, recruitment, and performance auditing

Telephonetics Algorithms for music and message-on-hold service, and audio production and programming

Telequest Teleservices Inbound and outbound telemarketing and teleservices

Telespectrum Worldwide Inbound and outbound telemarketing, customer service, interactive voice response, customer care consulting, call center management, training, and consulting services

Telesynergy Research (USA) PBX/voice/fax boards, application generator, and CT solutions for small to medium-sized business

Teloquent Distributed call center (DCC), ISDN-based remote agent ACD

Teltone Corporation Telecom/call center products, including telecommuting and agent-at-home systems

Telus Marketing Services Call center services to businesses, specializing in inbound and outbound sales and customer service marketing programs

Teubner & Associates Advanced fax processing systems

Texas Digital Systems Visual message alert system (readerboard)

TMSI CTI suite for call center applications

TNG TeleSales and Service Outbound and inbound telephone and Web-based marketing services

Tripp Lite Power protection products, including UPS systems, surge suppressors, line conditioners, power inverters, and network management accessories

Trivida Corporation Data mining products

Trustech Voice analysis software with call center monitoring applications

TSB International PBX data and networking products, including CTI middleware, call accounting and service bureau systems, and PBX data and network management

Unica Technologies Services and software for customer management in and through call centers

Uniden (817) 858-3300 Products that interface with PBX and desk set telephones to provide wireless headsets

Unimax Systems Database and "information control" systems for PBXs and voice mail systems

Unitrac Software Software applications including customer service, inbound/outbound telemarketing, campaigns, mass mail management, salesforce automation, and fulfillment processing

Utopia Technology Partners Help desk software

V*Channel Interactive voice and fax servers

Vantive Help desk software

Venturian Software IVR and call center integration systems

Viking Electronics Fax/data switches, auto attendants, digital announcers, toll restrictors, auto dialers

VIP Calling Wholesale international telecom servers over the Internet

VIPswitch High-performance Ethernet/intranet switches and communications platforms Packaged analytical application solution software for customer service centers

Visual Electronics Readerboard systems

Vitrix Time and attendance software for call centers

VocalTec Communications IP telephony systems and gateways

Vodavi Key telephone systems, Web-based unified messaging, ACD, CTI, Internet telephony, voice processing, and IVR

Voice Control Systems Speech recognition tool kit and call control/CTI/IVR systems for call centers

Voice Print International (VPI) Digital multimedia voice data recording and storage

Voice Processing Corporation Speech recognition

Voice Technologies Group PBX integration products, unified messaging, and other CTI systems

Voiceware Systems Call processing systems integrator

Voysys Computer telephony products for small centers, especially IVR

VXI Headsets and microphones for CTI applications

WebDialogs Internet-initiated telephony, IP telephony, chat, computer-to-computer collaboration

WebLine Communications A Web-based call center adjunct that combines telephone connectivity with the Web

Witness Systems Develops and supplies client/server quality monitoring software for call centers

Wygant Scientific Voice processing applications

Xircom Networking products

XL Associates Call center consulting services

xPect Technologies Processes and systems to maximize performance

Xtend Develops PC-based CTI and telemanagement systems

Ziehl Associates Headsets and other small-scale telecom equipment

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