4.3 Training CSR staff

4.3 Training CSR staff

As noted previously, a wide variety of training programs and methods for call center training programs exist, including,

  • Classroom activities—workshops, seminars

  • Call observation

  • Product knowledge tests

  • One-on-one monitoring and coaching

  • On-line tutorials

  • Tool kits

Call-handling guidelines should be fully documented and communicated to CSRs on a continuous basis. Documentation should be included in initial CSR training and available at the CSR workstation for quick reference. These standards become part of individual and center performance measurements and are the basis of CSR assessment using call monitoring or other performance measurements. In addition to initial training, CSRs should have ongoing training, which may focus on new technologies, sales or help desk skills, collections, or other topics that can improve the knowledge and skill level of CSRs.

Examples of recommended CSR workshop topics for half-day, one-day, and two-day training sessions are provided next. The CSR workshops described are examples of training syllabuses that provide participants with the foundation knowledge and skills required for individual and team success. Along with an emphasis on handling a variety of customer communications, are included the "why" of customer relations, customer requirements, the changing demands and expectations of customers, good and bad customer service, and how to exceed expectations.

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