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electronic monitoring in the workplace: controversies and solutions
Electronic Monitoring in the Workplace: Controversies and Solutions
by John Weckert (ed)   ISBN:1591404568
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Employee monitoring by employers has become inexpensive and easy. This thorough text includes a wide range of perspectives on the issues, as well as a full examination of the controversy surrounding privacy rights.

Table of Contents
Electronic Monitoring in the Workplace”Controversies and Solutions
Section I - Setting The Scene
Chapter I - Workplace Surveillance
Chapter II - Ethics of Workplace Surveillance Games
Chapter III - The Ethics of Hacking and Computer Abuse”Australian Case Studies
Section II - Employees™ Reactions
Chapter IV - Electronic Monitoring in the Workplace”If People Don™t Care, Then What is the Relevance?
Chapter V - Negotiating Workplace Surveillance
Chapter VI - Beyond Privacy and Fairness Concerns”Examining Psychological Boundary Violations as a Consequence of Electronic Performance Monitoring
Chapter VII - What Do Employees Think about Electronic Surveillance at Work?
Section III - National And Cultural Perspectives
Chapter VIII - Establishing Boundaries”Employees, Employers and Workplace Monitoring
Chapter IX - Loaded Metaphors”Legal Explanations on Monitoring the Workplace in Spain
Chapter X - Electronic Monitoring in the American Academy
Chapter XI - Electronic Surveillance in the Workplace”A Buddhist Perspective
Section IV - Some Core Concepts
Chapter XII - Informed Consent and Electronic Monitoring in the Workplace
Chapter XIII - Personal Autonomy and Electronic Surveillance in the Workplace
Chapter XIV - Guarding the Guards”The Right toPrivacy, and Workplace Surveillance and Monitoring in Policing
Chapter XV - Universal Human Rights and Employee Privacy”Questioning Employer Monitoring of Computer Usage
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Electronic Monitoring in the Workplace. Controversies and Solutions
Electronic Monitoring in the Workplace: Controversies and Solutions
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