First, we would like to thank all the Open Source hackers who have spent many hours of their time creating the programs that we talk about in this book: Linus Torvalds and all Linux hackers, the Apache team, the MySQL team, Larry Wall and all Perl hackers, Ralf S. Engelschall for WML, Gerald Richter for HTML::Embperl , Jonathan Swartz for HTML::Mason , and the PHP team.

This book would not be what it is without the excellent input of our reviewers: Ralf S. Engelschall for WML, Gerald Richter for HTML::Embperl , Jonathan Swartz for HTML::Mason , Thomas Boutell, Richard Dice, Brian Hatch, Todd Haverkos, Lyn Millner, Gautam B. Singh, Daryl Wilding-McBride, Stefan Winz, and Sander van Zoest. A big thanks to Brian Hatch for being the outstanding Open Source hacker that he is. And a huge and enormous thanks to Daryl Lee for trying out all the examples in this book, and for his excellent comments.

A big thanks to all the folks at BDGI ( for the graphic design of, the bandwidth, and for putting up with James for so many months while he wrote this book: Ron Ballard, Mike Borchew, Gail Kimura, Deborah Sawyer, Tom VandeKerckhove, and Al Yalowitz ” especially Al.

And thanks to the editors and fine folks at Addison-Wesley for keeping us in line and helping to create and produce a book we can be proud of: Alicia Carey, Mary O'Brien, Marilyn Rash, Jacquelyn Doucette, and all the other team members whose names we do not know.


Thanks to my wife Kelli and my children Ryan, Christian, and Madeline for putting up with my absence while I whisked my laptop off to the local coffee shop for late-night writing sessions. A big "Thank You" to Brent Ware for coming on board this project and making this book ring with a voice so true ”hey, I'm glad we are still friends ! Thanks to Brian Hatch for the chance to work on HLE and to get my feet wet on book writing. Thanks to Daryl Lee, an uncle and a fellow geek (yes, geekness can run in families) ”your comments greatly improved this book. And to Dave and Polly Pistole, Keith Lewis, and Frank Hunnicutt: thanks for everything, and you know what those things are.

James Lee

Thanks to James for asking me to coauthor this with him and for putting up with my occasional irascibility, and to Laura Newman for putting me up and putting up with me.

Brent Ware

Open Source Development with Lamp
Open Source Development with LAMP: Using Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl, and PHP
ISBN: 020177061X
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Year: 2002
Pages: 136

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