12.7 Further Printing Topics

12.7 Further Printing Topics

This chapter is really only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to printing. Chapter 14 revisits printing to look at details of how to interface CUPS with Samba servers, but among the aspects not touched here are application configuration, complex color graphics support, and advanced PostScript topics, not to mention several other Unix print server packages.

Here are some Web sites that can help you with your quest for Unix printer configuration:

  • http://www.linuxprinting.org/ This site has PPD files and documentation on many print servers. It also contains the Foomatic central information site.

  • http://www.cups.org/ This is the central CUPS Web site.

  • http://www.ghostscript.com/ A good source for Ghostscript software and topics.

  • http://gimp-print. sourceforge .net/ Gimp-print is a GIMP plug-in specifically designed for direct color printing. In certain cases, you may want to make gimp-print generate printer-ready data, bypassing Ghostscript rasterization completely with the lp -oraw feature. (Gimp-print can also create PostScript output.)

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