Creating Grae s Head

Creating Grae's Head

Looking at his design, we can see that Grae doesn't really have a neck, so we will move straight on to his head.


As with Kila, you will begin with a cube. Create one and set Subdivisions Along Width, Subdivisions Along Height, and Subdivisions Along Depth all to 4.


Move, scale, and rotate the cube so it fits the size and orientation of Grae's head in the image plane (Figure 7.11).

Figure 7.11. Manipulate the cube so it lies over the head in the image plane.


Delete half the cube, and adjust the vertices to achieve the general shape of the head (Figure 7.12). Use a mirrored instance to help you get a feel for the whole head.

Figure 7.12. Adjust the cube to get the basic head shape.

With Grae's head in place, let's now combine it with the rest of the geometry.

Attaching the Head

To complete the head and finish this section, attach the head shape to the rest of the body.


First we need to remove some polygons. Select the area of Grae's chest directly behind the head shape and delete them. Also, remove any polygons that exist on the back of the head geometry.


Combine the head and body geometry; then use the Append To Polygon tool to fill in the gaps, bridging the head and the torso.


Play around with the vertices, using a mirrored instance to help you work on the whole figure. Do this until you are happy with the way Grae looks (Figure 7.13).

Figure 7.13. The head is now attached to the rest of the body.

Delete the history on your model and save it as Grae_Basic.mb.

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