The actual idea of writing a book hadn't even entered my mind until a friend of mine, Mat Buckland (author of Programming Game AI By Example), suggested I give it a go. So if it weren't for a chance conversation with him, this book might never have been written.

Being a new author, I was a bit wary when I began this venture, but New Riders took me by the hand and guided me through the whole process, making it easy for me to concentrate on getting the information across to you readers.

Over the course of the book's creation, I have worked with so many wonderful peoplepeople who have shared my vision in creating a book for those who want to make great characters for games. So to all the people I haven't mentioned here, you have not been forgotten, and thanks for your time and help.

My first contact with New Riders was with Elise Walter, whom I bugged constantly while my proposal was being scrutinized.

Next came my editors, Linda Harrison and then Kate McKinley. Both have been my guardian angels, going above and beyond to make this book the best it could be.

Technical editors Phelan Sykes, Charles Shami, and Jared Fry provided invaluable comments and advice. I have learned a lot from you all.

Toward the end of the process came copyeditor Carol Henry, who took each chapter and smoothed it out for me, ironing out all the creases and making it an easier read. Then Owen Wolfson went to heroic lengths to pull it all together and make it look like a book.

Finally, thank you, the reader, for buying this book. I hope you get as much out of reading it as I did writing it.

    Game Character Development with Maya
    Game Character Development with Maya
    ISBN: 073571438X
    EAN: 2147483647
    Year: 2004
    Pages: 169
    Authors: Antony Ward

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