Torso Optimization

Next, let's look at the torso area. At the very front, there are some edges we created when doing our muscle mapping, as you can see on the left of Figure 5.9. Since this area is cloth and not skin, we can remove these edges, giving us a nice, flat front (Figure 5.9, right).

Figure 5.9. Take out the edges at the front of her crop top.

Flipping around to her back, you can see the same situation as in the front: a few unnecessary edges because the area is cloth. In addition, there are a few unused polygons.

First remove the edges highlighted in Figure 5.10, left. Then remove any stray vertices that remain, giving us a cleaner back (Figure 5.10, right).

Figure 5.10. Remove these highlighted polygons on the back.

Finally, on Kila's side there are a few unused polygons just under her arm, as well as two edges we can collapse at the front of her shoulder. These are all illustrated in Figure 5.11.

Figure 5.11. Remove these polygons from under her armpit.

Looking farther down the model, you will notice a few areas that are currently triangulated. Convert these to quads to clean up the area.

The topology in the breasts is sound; reducing this area would mean we'd lose the curve, making them more angular. So, with the torso optimized, let's move on.

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