In this chapter, you explored three mechanisms for caching the contents of an ASP.NET page. In the first part, you learned how to use page output caching. You learned how to cache the output of a page for a certain duration of time. You also learned how to create different cached versions of a page depending on the query string parameters and headers passed to the page.

Next, you learned how to take advantage of page fragment caching and use it with user controls to cache different areas of a page.

Finally, the bulk of this chapter was devoted to using the Cache object. You learned how to use the Cache object to store data that can be shared across multiple ASP.NET pages. You learned how to add file and key dependencies to a cached item. You also learned how to associate a cached item with a database trigger. Then you examined how to create a callback method to automatically reload data into the cache.

ASP.NET Unleashed
ASP.NET 4 Unleashed
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