Chapter 7. Hard-Core Voice

    Section 7.1.  Hacks 88100: Introduction

    Hack 88.  Build a Killer Telephony Server

    Hack 89.  Build an H.323 Gatekeeper Using OpenH323

    Hack 90.  Turn Your Linux Box into a Fax Machine

    Hack 91.  Build an Inbound Fax-to-Email Gateway

    Hack 92.  Teach Your Asterisk Box to Speak

    Hack 93.  Build a Mac PBX

    Hack 94.  Monitor Asterisk from Your Perl Scripts

    Hack 95.  Build a SoftPBX with No Hard Drive

    Hack 96.  Build a Standalone Voicemail Server in Less Than a Half-Hour

    Hack 97.  Automate Your Voicemail Greeting

    Hack 98.  Connect Asterisk to the Skype Network

    Hack 99.  Forward Your Home Phone Calls to Skype

    Hack 100.  Get Started with sipX

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