Cisco Voice over IP (CVoice), Second Edition is an excellent self-study resource for the CCVP CVoice exam. Whether you are studying to become CCVP certified or are simply seeking to gain a better understanding of basic IP Telephony operation, router configuration, and integration with an existing PSTN network, you will benefit from the information presented in this book.

Cisco Press Self-Study Guide titles are designed to help educate, develop, and grow the community of Cisco networking professionals. As an early-stage exam preparation product, this book presents a detailed and comprehensive introduction to the technologies used to implement and support data and voice integration solutions. Developed in conjunction with the Cisco certifications team, Cisco Press books are the only self-study books authorized by Cisco Systems.

Most networking professionals use a variety of learning methods to gain necessary skills. Cisco Press self-study titles are a prime source of content for some individuals and can also serve as an excellent supplement to other forms of learning. Training classes, whether delivered in a classroom or on the Internet, are a great way to quickly acquire new understanding. Hands-on practice is essential for anyone seeking to build, or hone, new skills. Authorized Cisco training classes, labs, and simulations are available exclusively from Cisco Learning Solutions Partners worldwide. Please visit to learn more about Cisco Learning Solutions Partners.

I hope and expect that you'll find this guide to be an essential part of your exam preparation and a valuable addition to your personal library.

Don Field

Director, Certifications

Cisco System, Inc.

August 2006

Cisco Voice over IP Cvoice (c) Authorized Self-study Guide
Cisco Voice over IP (CVoice) (Authorized Self-Study Guide) (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 1587052628
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 111
Authors: Kevin Wallace

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