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Chapter 2: Installing DotNetNuke

Table 2-1: DotNetNuke v3.x Software Prerequisites
Table 2-2: DotNetNuke v4.x Software Prerequisites

Chapter 3: Portal Overview

Table 3-1: Page Functions
Table 3-2: Default Modules

Chapter 4: Portal Administration

Table 4-1: How to Deal with Duplicate Modules
Table 4-2: Site Details
Table 4-3: Appearance Settings
Table 4-4: Security — Portal Registration Options
Table 4-5: Page Management Settings
Table 4-6: Miscellaneous Settings
Table 4-7: Add New Role — Basic Settings
Table 4-8: Add New Role — Advanced Settings
Table 4-9: Add New Page — Basic Settings
Table 4-10: Add New Page — Advanced Settings
Table 4-11: E-mail Template Tokens
Table 4-12: Site-Generated E-mail Templates
Table 4-13: Terms of Use and Privacy Statement Resources
Table 4-14: Windows Authentication
Table 4-15: Configuration of Authentication Modes
Table 4-16: Edit Banner Settings
Table 4-17: Site Log Report Types

Chapter 5: Host Administration

Table 5-1: Site Configuration Fields
Table 5-2: Host Details Settings
Table 5-3: Appearance Settings
Table 5-4: Payment Settings
Table 5-5: SMTP Server Settings
Table 5-6: Other Advanced Settings
Table 5-7: Host-Only Site Settings
Table 5-8: Edit Log Settings
Table 5-9: Edit Schedule Settings
Table 5-10: Schedule Provider Configuration Settings

Chapter 6: Modules

Table 6-1: Module Settings Options
Table 6-2: Page Settings Options
Table 6-3: Edit Announcements Options
Table 6-4: Edit Banner Options
Table 6-5: Edit Events Options
Table 6-6: Edit IFrame Options
Table 6-7: General Hover Menu Options

Chapter 8: Core DotNetNuke APIs

Table 8-1: Logging Provider Classes
Table 8-2: Exception Handling Classes
Table 8-3: HTTP Module Events (Before the Application Executes)
Table 8-4: HTTP Module Events (After the Application Has Returned)
Table 8-5: HTTP Module Events (Nondeterministic)
Table 8-6: Personalization Classes
Table 8-7: Module Action Classes
Table 8-8: ModuleAction Properties
Table 8-9: ModuleAction Method
Table 8-10: ModuleAction Skin Objects
Table 8-11: SearchItemInfo Properties

Chapter 9: Member Role

Table 9-1: ASP.NET 2.0 Membership Services Default Providers
Table 9-2: DotNetNuke Abstract Provider Membership Methods/Properties
Table 9-3: DotNetNuke Abstract Roles Provider Methods
Table 9-4: DotNetNuke Abstract Profile Provider Methods
Table 9-5: DotNetNuke Concrete Profile Provider Properties

Chapter 10: Client API

Table 10-1: GetCallBackEventReference Parameters
Table 10-2: Important doCallBack Parameters
Table 10-3: Client API-Enabled Controls

Chapter 11: Localization

Table 11-1: Localization Methods
Table 11-2: Wrapping a String with a Web Control
Table 11-3: Adding a resourcekey
Table 11-4: Default Localized Attributes

Chapter 15: Developing Modules: The Presentation Layer

Table 15-1: Module Definitions in Relation to the Events Module
Table 15-2: Some PortalModuleBase Class Exposed Methods and Properties
Table 15-3: ModuleSettingsBase Class
Table 15-4: DotNetNuke Controls

Chapter 16: Skinning DotNetNuke

Table 16-1: DotNetNuke Core Skin Objects
Table 16-2: DotNetNuke Core Skin Attributes
Table 16-3: DotNetNuke Core Container Skin Objects
Table 16-4: DotNetNuke Core Container Skin Object Attributes

Chapter 17: Distribution

Table 17-1: Folder Elements
Table 17-2: Module Elements
Table 17-3: Control Elements
Table 17-4: File Elements
Table 17-5: Standard Skin Objects
Table 17-6: Provider Manifest Folder Elements
Table 17-7: Provider Manifest File Elements
Table 17-8: Skin Filenames
Table 17-9: Configuration File Elements
Table 17-10: Container Filenames
Table 17-11: Manifest File Elements
Table 17-12: Manifest File Elements
Table 17-13: FileType Values

Appendix A: Resources

Table A-1: Developer Tools
Table A-2: Modules

Appendix B: System Message Tokens

Table B-1: Standard HostSettings Properties
Table B-2: Standard PortalSettings Properties
Table B-3: Standard UserInfo Properties
Table B-4: Standard UserMembership Properties
Table B-5: Standard UserProfile Properties

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