How Is This Book Organized?

The information and examples provided in this book apply to Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 with SP1. Prior versions of ExchangeExchange 2000 and Exchange 5.xare not covered in this book. Administrative procedures that require a workstation were performed with Windows XP SP1+ with Internet Explorer 6.0 and all available service packs. Although other operating systems and Internet browsers can be used for administration in some cases, they may provide results and functionality different from those explained in the pages of this book.

Goals for Part I

Part I of this book is written for users who are new to Exchange or need to refresh their knowledge of Exchange 2003 Server. The part introduces the reader to Exchange 2003 by providing information on new features, removed features, installation requirements, Active Directory, and more. Ideally, these lessons will be read in order by those new to Exchange, because the information builds on itself. More experienced users will be able to browse the information for specific topics of interest.

Goals for Part IIIV

Parts IIIV of this book are geared toward individuals who have been assigned the task of administering an Exchange 2003 Server. The most common administrative tasks are detailed in the lessons in these sections.

These sections apply to individuals who are given full Exchange administrative rights, because most of the procedures described require those rights. The procedures are meant to be a guide through configuration and administrative tasks and other performance, optimization, and disaster-recovery techniques.

Although meant to be read sequentially, the lessons can be referenced individually because most of the lessons are independent of others and require minimal prerequisite steps from earlier lessons. Because of this, the lessons in this portion of the book can be used as a quick reference guide by administrators looking to perform a specific task.

Sams Teach Yourself Exchange Server 2003 in 10 Minutes
Sams Teach Yourself Exchange Server 2003 in 10 Minutes
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