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You can send pictures from within Picasa, from Hello, or from Windows by performing the steps on this and the following pages.

Send pictures from Picasa

In Picasa, select the images you want to send (see Chapter 3). The selected images will appear in Picasa's Picture Tray.

Choose File > Send to Hello or click the Hello button.

The Select the friends to send pictures to dialog box appears. Click the name of the friend who will receive the pictures. (To select more than one person, -click their names). Click the Send button.

The pictures are added to the filmstrip area of the Hello window (see page 130). Transmission begins immediately for online friends. If any of the selected people are offline, the pictures will be sent to them the next time they run Hello.

Send pictures from Hello

If you enabled the Let me choose each time option, this dialog box appears. Click a button.

If Use Picasa is clicked or is the default setting, Picasa appears. Select pictures and then click the Hello button.

Send Picture dialog box

Pick recipients in the Select the friends to send pictures to dialog box (see page 131) and click Send. The selected images are immediately transmitted to all online recipients and held for offline recipients.

Drag-and-drop files from Windows

When you send pictures using any of the previously described procedures, non-JPEG files are automatically changed to JPEGs before transmission.

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