Step 15: Re-install Your Programs

After Windows is updated, back in operation, and all the security programs are running, then it's time to install all of your day-to-day programs. There is no real trick to this. If you have the original CDs or copies of the install files on a backup CD, it's just a matter of re-installing them.

After installation, though, you should check with the companies that publish the software you own to see if there are any fixes or patches on their websites . This is especially true of Microsoft Office, which, like Windows, has service packs available. Check and look for the Check for Updates link on that page. Like Windows Updates, the Office Update site scans your computer to determine which updates you need (see Figure 9.31) and these updates can then be downloaded and installed. You need to keep your Office CD handy when you install any fixes as you might be prompted to put it into the computer to show that you own a copy of the software.

Figure 9.31. Be sure to check for Microsoft Office updates on the Microsoft website.

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