craigslist and Other Boards

craigslist ( is an 11-year-old community board that started in San Francisco and by 2006 had reached over 150 cities worldwide (see Figure 16.2). It's a simple concept: The board takes the public community bulletin board hanging in popular places and puts it online to great popularity and effect.

Figure 16.2. is all about function over form.

Anything can be posted on craigslist. Anything. Seriously. Homeless men seeking love, people wanting to sell their furniture, and people advertising "services" only scratch the surface of what can be found there.

Podcasters have gotten on the bandwagon as well, mostly music podcasts looking for new music to play. But it's a good place to advertise your podcast. craigslist does not charge for most postings; it makes money only from charging for employment positions. These and other community boards are excellent (affordable) places to advertise your podcast.

craigslist also has forums, so you can post about your podcast there as well. If you do this, however, be sure to follow the instructions we gave you in the previous section regarding posting in forums.

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