Chapter 16: Extending XSLT

xslt for dummies
Chapter 16 - Extending XSLT
XSLT For Dummies
by Richard Wagner
Hungry Minds 2002

In This Chapter

You know how it is. You get a shiny, new digital gizmo that does 1,001 things for you, but not two weeks go by before you discover the 1,002nd task you really need this gizmo to do, really want it to do, but lo and behold, it cannot do this task. This same Murphys Law of Gizmos applies to XSLT: The language does 1,001 kinds of transformations, but sooner or later, you encounter a need that XSLT doesnt provide a solution for as part of its basic language. Perhaps you need to use a while loop inside your template rule. Or maybe you need to compare nodes from two different node sets and are throwing up your arms trying to do it with XSLT alone. Before you X out XSLT, read on.

As with any new technology, there are gaps in what comes in the box with XSLT. Fortunately, you dont have to wait on future versions of the language to solve the problem. Instead, XSLT supports extensions that allow you to expand the scope of what you can do inside an XSLT stylesheet.

In this chapter, you find out how you can broaden your XSLT horizons through extensions.

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XSLT For Dummies
XSLT for Dummies
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