The Team

The project team consists of many different groups of individuals to include:

  • Upper Management

  • Middle Management

  • Team Manager

  • Users ("Real People" or "Stakeholder")

  • Program Analysts

  • Program Designers

  • Program Coders

  • Test Center Staff (Quality Assurance)

  • Program Maintenance Staff

  • System's Deployment Staff

  • System's Security Staff

  • Help Center Staff

Which of the above positions you will be assigned will depend on the project, your talents, your client and your company.

 Note:  In today's world the groups listed above may not be in the same part of the world or even within the same company. Some companies do the analysis and the design internally and sub job out the coding. The testing may be done internally but it could also be sub jobbed out as well. Since the maintenance can link back to the top of this list, these staff members may be a part of the company. The deployment and the security may also be internal as well as sub jobbed.

Ask yourself after this course:

  • Where do I want to work?

  • In which of these areas do I have the skills necessary to be successful?

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Intermediate Business Programming with C++
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