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The proxy hack end has more capabilities than just forwarding an LDAP request; however, I will mention just two of them, the map and rewrite directives.

The map directive allows you to map an attribute/objectclass from the proxy server to an attribute/objectclass on the directory server. It also allows you to filter out attributes coming from the directory server. The syntax is

 map {attribute | objectclass} [<local name> | *] {<foreign name> 

The star (*) has a particular meaning. As the main page states, if the local or foreign name is "*," the name is preserved; if local name is omitted, the foreign name is removed. Therefore, the three lines

 map attribute cn * map attribute sn * map attribute 

would map sn and cn on themselves, and remove any other attribute coming from the directory server.

The rewrite directive allows you to rewrite strings moving back and forth between client and directory server. The rewriting is executed according to a set of rules, which are formulated using regular expressions. The basic syntax is:

 RewriteRule <regular expression> <substitution pattern> [ <flags> ] 

You can read more about this module on the main page delivered with the OpenLDAP distribution.

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The ABCs of LDAP: How to Install, Run, and Administer LDAP Services
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