create new records

Investments (Main). The first time you open Investment Minder, you'll note there are 0 (zero) records. Your first task is to create new investment records.

Switch to Browse mode. With the Main layout selected in the layouts pop-up menu, you can create an investment record by clicking the New button, choosing Records > New Record, or pressing /. The cursor is automatically positioned in the first field (Description), ready for you to begin entering data.

Enter an identifying description for this investment, click a radio button to indicate the investment's tax status, and select an investment type from the drop-down list.

Move between fields by pressing or by clicking directly in the next field.

On the tab control, click the tab panel that matches this investment type or click the Tab button at the top of the layout.

Enter data in the tab panel, pressing to move from field to field. Because you've set a tab order, fields that cannot be modified are automatically skipped.

To commit the current record (saving it), press on the side keypad or perform any action that indicates you're done entering data in the record, such as changing to another mode, executing a sort, or switching to another record. To create additional records, repeat Steps 14.

Click OK, and then select an option from the Account Type drop-down list.

Transactions (Savings, Stocks, CD). To record a transaction for an account (such as a deposit, withdrawal, dividend, or interest payment), click the transaction button on the account's tab panel and follow these steps:

A new record in the appropriate data table is created, an account identifier is automatically entered, and the cursor is placed in the first field (a Date field).

Click the date of this transaction on the drop-down calendar. The cursor moves to the next field. (To ignore the calendar and manually enter a date, click in the date field.)

Enter the data for the transaction, skipping fields that don't apply.

A Stock/Mutual Fund transaction will either be a dividend or interest paymentnot both. A Savings/Money Market transaction will be a deposit/interest payment or a withdrawal. If a withdrawal, there may or may not be a check number.

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