set field formatting

At this point, you've placed all fields that have been defined so far for the initial data table. Now we'll make some changes to the way they're formatted. For example, when FileMaker places the fields on the default layout, their text is left-aligned. Number fields, however, are normally right-aligned, enabling their decimal points to line up with those of other Number fields in their column.

In Layout mode, switch to the Savings/Money Market tab panel. Select the Sav_Initial Balance field and make it right-aligned.

We'll be adding boldface to all the current price fields on the tab control, making them easier to read at a glance. Select the Stk_Current Share Price and Stk_New Date fields, and make them bold.

Switch to the CD tab panel. Select all fields except CD_Institution and CD_Certificate, and make them right-aligned.

On the Savings Bond tab panel, select all fields and make them right-aligned. Apply boldface to the bottom two fields: Bond_Interest and Bond_Current Value.

The manner in which data in Number and Date fields is displayed depends on the Number and Date formatting set for the fields. Rather than simply display data exactly as it's entered, we can specify formats to ensure consistency. Field type-specific formats can be chosen from the Format menu or by -clicking (Mac) or right-clicking (Windows) the field you want to format.

Use the same procedure to format all Date fields on the different tab panels. (When there are multiple dates on the same tab panel, you can -click each one and then format them all at once.)

Format as decimal: 2 decimal digits; Use notation: Currency (Leading/Inside), $ symbol; Use thousands separator:, (comma).

Apply the currency format (described on the previous page) to these fields:

Savings/Money Market tab. Sav_Initial Balance

Stock/Mutual Fund tab. Stk_Price Per Share, Stk_Current Share Price, Stk_Commision, Stk_Total Cost

CD tab. CD_Amount

Savings Bond tab. Bond_Interest, Bond_Current Value

Bond_Denomination and Bond_Price on the Savings Bond tab panel should also have a currency format applied to them, but they do not require decimal digits; that is, they are whole numbers. Format these two Bond fields with the same currency settings you used in Step 7, but set decimal digits to 0 (zero).

On the Stock/Mutual Fund tab panel, format Stk_Number of Shares by applying only the Format as decimal option with decimal digits of 0 (zero). On the CD tab panel, apply the same format to CD_Term.

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