The JPEG Tab

JPEG images (.jpg) are useful on the web because they provide a medium between quality and file size. To publish JPEG images in Flash, move the playback head to the frame you want to publish, and all other frames will be ignored.

The JPEG tab has a couple of options that we have not covered yet with the other image tabs:

  • Quality This option controls the visual quality of the JPEG image you are publishing. It can range from 0100, with 100 being the highest quality and file size. The default value is 80.

  • Progressive This option allows the JPEG to incrementally download to the browser. This is great for people with slow connections.


If you are creating a JPEG image to later load back into your Flash project dynamically, do not set the Progressive option, because Flash has problems loading progressive JPEGs.

This ends the section covering the Image tabs. The final tab to go over is the QuickTime tab.

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