4.7. Command-Line Help

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If you are ever uncertain about the syntax or options for a particular action, rt has a help menu. Even before the CLI is properly configured, you can view the help menu to find out which options are supported and how to use the program in the first place. To display the built-in help, either run rt without any arguments at all, or pass it the help parameter. Both print out a short helpful message to get you started.

     $ rt help           This is a command-line interface to RT 3.           It allows you to interact with an RT server over HTTP, and offers an     interface to RT's functionality that is better-suited to automation     and integration with other tools.           In general, each invocation of this program should specify an action     to perform on one or more objects, and any other arguments required     to complete the desired action.           For more information:               - rt help actions       (a list of possible actions)         - rt help objects       (how to specify objects)         - rt help usage         (syntax information)               - rt help config        (configuration details)         - rt help examples      (a few useful examples)         - rt help topics        (a list of help topics) 

The help output gives you information about using the help system. You can almost always go a little deeper to get the information or examples you need. You don't even need an operational RT server to access the help features the functionality is built into the client. The help system is somewhat flexible in spelling: whether you say rt help ticket or rt help tickets is irrelevant.

     $ rt help actions           You can currently perform the following actions on all objects:     ... 

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