4.8. The Shell

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The rt command-line tool supports a shell mode, which launches an interactive shell for running actions. The primary advantage is that you don't have to wait for the client to start up on each command it's already running and waiting for your input. To enter the shell, give the shell action to rt.

     $ rt shell     rt> 

The syntax and options for actions in the shell are the same as on the command line, except you skip the initial rt. You display a ticket with show:

     rt> show ticket/42 -f id,queue,subject,status,priority     id: ticket/42     Queue: General     Subject: A special number     Status: open     Priority: 90     rt> 

modify it with edit:

     rt> edit ticket/42 set priority=80     # Ticket 42 updated.     rt> 

and check your work with show again:

     rt> show ticket/42 -f id,subject,priority     id: ticket/42     Subject: A special number     Priority: 80     rt> 

Quit the RT shell session by typing ^C (Control-C).

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