E.4. Outgoing Mail Configuration

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$CorrespondAddress and $CommentAddress

RT is designed so that any mail that already has a ticket ID associated with it gets to the right place automatically.

$CorrespondAddress and $CommentAddress are the default addresses for From: and Reply-To: headers of correspondence and comment mail tracked by RT, unless overridden by a queue-specific address.

 Set($CorrespondAddress, 'correspond@rt.example.com'); Set($CommentAddress, 'comment@rt.example.com'); 


$MailCommand defines which method RT uses to try to send mail. We know that sendmailpipe works fairly well. If sendmailpipe doesn't work well for you, try sendmail.

Note that you should remove the -t from $SendmailArguments if you use sendmail rather than sendmailpipe.

 Set($MailCommand, 'sendmailpipe'); 


$SendmailArguments defines what flags to pass to $Sendmail assuming you picked sendmail or sendmailpipe as the $MailCommand above. If you picked sendmailpipe, you must add a -t flag to $SendmailArguments.

These options are good for most Sendmail wrappers and workalikes:

     Set($SendmailArguments, "-oi -t"); 

These arguments are good for Sendmail 8 and newer:

     Set($SendmailArguments,"-oi -t -ODeliveryMode=b -OErrorMode=m"); 


If you selected this sendmailpipe, you must specify the path to your Sendmail binary in $SendmailPath. If you did not select this sendmailpipe, this has no effect.

     Set($SendmailPath, "/usr/sbin/sendmail"); 


By default, RT sets the outgoing mail's From: header to SenderName via RT. Setting this option to 0 disables it.

     Set($UseFriendlyFromLine, 1); 


The sprintf( ) format of the friendly From: header; its arguments are SenderName and SenderEmailAddress.

     Set($FriendlyFromLineFormat, "\"%s via RT\" <%s>"); 


RT can set an optional friendly To: header when sending messages to Ccs or AdminCcs rather than having a blank To: header.

This feature does not work with Sendmail. If you are using Sendmail, rather than Postfix, qmail, Exim, or some other MTA, you must disable this option.

 Set($UseFriendlyToLine, 0); 


sprintf( ) format of the friendly From: header; its arguments are WatcherType and TicketId.

 Set($FriendlyToLineFormat, "\"%s of $RT::rtname Ticket #%s\":;"); 


By default, RT doesn't notify the person who performs an update, as they already know what they've done. If you'd like to change this behavior, set $NotifyActor to 1.

 Set($NotifyActor, 0); 


By default, RT records each message it sends out to its own internal database. To change this behavior, set $RecordOutgoingEmail to 0.

 Set($RecordOutgoingEmail, 1); 

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