Chapter 7. Vlog

This is the moment you've been working toward, when you actually get to build your videoblog! To create your vlog, you will need to create accounts with several different sites. One is where your vlog page can be found, so the world can watch the videos you create. The other is where you'll actually keep your videos. The latter is, in essence, a media library that not only lets you check out other people's work but also lets you add your own material to its shelves.

After that, you'll link your movie to your vlog site and voilà, people can finally view your masterpiece.

So, How's a Vlog Different from a Web site?

Don't be surprised if after start videoblogging friends and family ask you how a video-blog differs from a normal Web site that features video.

The biggest benefit of a blog, compared to a regular Web site, is that blogging software automatically generates an RSS feed.

The ability to send regular updates to your subscribers is, by itself, reason enough to vlog. Add to that the fact thatvlogs are easy to build and easy to maintainhey, what more do they need to be convinced?

Secrets of Videoblogging
Secrets of Videoblogging
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