Chapter 12. Network Tuning Tools and Resources

Chapter 12 Contents

Signal Strength pg 201

Using Perfmon pg 203

Views pg 203

Chart View pg 204

Alert View pg 206

Log View pg 208

Report View pg 211

QoS pg 211

QoS Overview pg 212

Configuring QoS pg 212

Using Third-Party Tools pg 216

NetStumbler pg 217

AirMagnet pg 217

Sniffer Wireless pg 218

Other Resources pg 219

Tuning your network is a balancing act among a number of variables. The task is tricky on a wired network; however, it's even more complex a wireless LAN (WLAN), where radio broadcasts and reception play an important part.

This chapter looks at some tools you can use to ensure that your WLAN operates at peak efficiency. After we discuss signal strength, we give an overview of the popular Windows tuning application, Perfmon, and how you use it to monitor your WLAN. Then we discuss quality of service (QoS), why it is useful to improve your WLAN's performance, and how you enable it.

To conclude this chapter, we look at some third-party tuning applications that you might consider to help your WLAN work at peak efficiency.

Cisco 802.11 Wireless Networking Quick Reference
Cisco 802.11 Wireless Networking Quick Reference
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