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Game Testing All in One
by Charles P. Schultz, Robert Bryant and Tim Langdell  
Course Technology © 2005 (520 pages)

Covering roles and duties of a game tester, this in-depth text reveals how to apply software test engineer methodologies to the game industry. You'll learn how to quickly produce useful test documents, capture important data, and analyze measurements.

Table of Contents
Game Testing All in One
Part I - About Game Testing
Chapter 1 - Two Rules of Game Testing
Chapter 2 - Being a Game Tester
Chapter 3 - Why Testing is Important
Part II - Making Games
Chapter 4 - The Game Team
Chapter 5 - The Game Production Cycle
Part III - Testing Fundamentals
Chapter 6 - Software Quality
Chapter 7 - Test Phases
Chapter 8 - The Test Process
Chapter 9 - Testing by the Numbers
Part IV - Testing Techniques
Chapter 10 - Combinatorial Testing
Chapter 11 - Test Flow Diagrams
Chapter 12 - Cleanroom Testing
Chapter 13 - Test Trees
Chapter 14 - Play Testing and Ad Hoc Testing
Part V - More Effective Testing
Chapter 15 - Defect Triggers
Chapter 16 - Game Test Automation
Chapter 17 - Capture/Playback Testing
Part VI - Appendices
Appendix A - Answers to Exercises
Appendix B - Project Lifecycle Documents
Appendix C - Combinatorial Table Templates
Appendix D - Test Flow Diagram (TFD) Templates
Appendix E - Sample Test Suite: RTS Building Checklist
Appendix F - What's on the CD
List of Figures
List of Tables
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Game Testing All in One
Game Testing All in One (Game Development Series)
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