HandlerInfo javax.xml.rpc.handler

JAX-RPC 1.0; JWSDP 1.0, J2EE 1.4 serializable
 public class HandlerInfo implements java.io.Serializable {  // Public Constructors  public HandlerInfo(  );      public HandlerInfo(Class   handlerClass   , Map   config   ,          javax.xml.namespace.QName[ ]   headers   );  // Property Accessor Methods (by property name)  public Class getHandlerClass(  );  // default:null  public void setHandlerClass( Class   handlerClass   );      public Map getHandlerConfig(  );  // default:HashMap  public void setHandlerConfig( Map   config   );      public javax.xml.namespace.QName[ ] getHeaders(  );  // default:null  public void setHeaders(javax.xml.namespace.QName[ ]   headers   );  } 

The HandlerInfo class contains all of the information needed to describe and construct a Handler . HandlerInfo objects are stored in a HandlerRegistry and may be created by application code or, more commonly, by code generated by a tool such as wscompile , wsdeploy , or j2eec , based on the content of a configuration file.

A HandlerInfo object contains three attributes, all of which may be set at construction time or using setter methods:

Handler class

The fully qualified name of the Java class that contains the handler functionality. This class must have a no-argument constructor and must implement the Handler interface. This attribute may be read using the getHandlerClass( ) method and changed by calling setHandlerClass( ) .

Header list

The set of headers that the handler processes, specified as an array of QName objects. If the handler does not operate on headers, then an empty array may be supplied. This attribute can be accessed using the getHeaders( ) and setHeaders( ) methods.

Configuration information

A handler may be given configuration information in the form of a Map containing key/value pairs, the meaning of which is of interest only to the handler. The content of this map, which is accessed using the getHandlerConfig() and setHandlerConfig( ) methods, is set from property definitions in the configuration files used by the wsdeploy , wscompile , and j2eec utilities, as described in Chapter 8.

Passed To

GenericHandler.init( ) , javax.xml.rpc.handler.Handler.init( )


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