As it turns out, although coding is the activity that produces software systems, it is not the only main issue of software development processes. Other activities conducted during the development process also have a significant influence on software project success. Two of these activities are the gathering and management of requirements. As mentioned previously, these issues are so important that some argue that no matter how a software system is developed, if the processes of defining the requirements and their management are done properly, the rest of the development process continues smoothly. How much effort is invested in the management of requirements is an organizational decision that is partially based on the organizational culture.

  1. Connect the topics discussed in this chapter to the Code of Ethics of Software Engineering (see Chapter 5, Code of Ethics of Software Engineering ).

  2. In some organizations, knowledge is conceived as power. How might this fact influence the process of requirements management?

Human Aspects of Software Engineering
Human Aspects of Software Engineering (Charles River Media Computer Engineering)
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