In addition to the O'Reilly production staff, who are listed individually in the Colophon, we want to thank our technical reviewers, Jon Barrett and Francisco García Maceda. These guys did yeoman duty in finding mistakes we made and in making numerous useful suggestions, all of which helped make this a better book.

We also want to thank our contacts at the hardware companies, who provided technical help, evaluation units, and other assistance. There are far too many to list individually, but they know who they are. We also want to thank the readers of our web sites and message boards, many of whom have taken the time to offer useful suggestions for improvements to the book. Thanks, folks. We couldn't have done it without you.

The photographs in this book were shot with Olympus digital cameras. We've used many digital cameras, and have developed a strong preference for Olympus models. Their experience as a premier maker of film cameras shows clearly in the construction quality, image quality, functionality, and ease-of-use of Olympus digital cameras.

Finally, we want to thank our editor, Robert J. Denn, and our publisher, Tim O'Reilly, both of whom contributed numerous useful comments and suggestions.

Thank you for buying the second edition of PC Hardware in a Nutshell. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it.


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