i command in vi, effect of, 234

-i option, using with rpm command, 384

icons. See desktop icons

id command in BASH shell, example of, 475

ifconfig command in BASH shell, example of, 476

ifconfig Linux shell command, DOS equivalent for, 202

Illumination effects, applying in Impress presentations, 350

image editing programs, The Gimp, 158–159, 286–290

image editor programs, comparison between SUSE Linux and Windows, 145

image files

file extensions associated with, 169

identifying in Konsole, 211

images, loading in The Gimp, 290

Impress presentation program

animating slides in, 347–348

creating presentations with, 345–347

using 3D effects in, 349–350

using Fontwork tool in, 348–349

Impress presentations, outputting as Flash animations, 351

info command in BASH shell, example of, 476

init command in BASH shell

effect of, 58–59, 62

example of, 476

using with BASH shell, 201

using with hdparm, 406

ink tool in The Gimp, description of, 289

Insert customizations, adding to OpenOffice.org, 314

Insert mode in vi

overview of, 234–235

switching to, 237

INSTALL files, checking, 391

installation. See SUSE Linux installation

installation files. See Linux installation files

installation floppies, creating, 53–54

InstallShield program, using, 369–370

instant messaging, setting up, 99–101

Internet configuration options in OpenOffice.org, description of, 318

Internet Explorer

advisory about installation of, 366

installing, 369

Internet Explorer Favorites, backing up prior to installing SUSE Linux, 31

Invisible Separator customizations, adding to OpenOffice.org, 314

invitations, creating in YaST2 Remote Administration module, 444

IO_support hard-disk setting, explanation of, 409

IP addresses

browsing Windows network shares with, 172

determining for printers, 104

IPCONFIG command in DOS, Linux shell equivalent for, 202

isdn service, disabling, 406

ISO images

converting tar files into, 430

definition of, 21

ispell command in BASH shell, example of, 476

ISPs (Internet Service Providers)

selecting, 90

using proxy servers with, 95

Beginning SUSE Linux from Novice to Professional
Beginning SUSE Linux: From Novice to Professional
ISBN: 1590594584
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 293
Authors: Keir Thomas

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