hackers versus crackers, 119

halt command in BASH shell, example of, 475

Hand-drawn selection tool in The Gimp, description of, 287

hard disk access mode, setting to LBA or Large, 57

hard disks

benchmarking with hdparm, 407–408

changing settings for, 408–410

freeing up space on, 419–420

installing SUSE Linux on, 42

locating personal area on, 165

optimizing settings for, 406–411

partitioning, 421

sharing with Windows, 41–42

using prior to installing SUSE Linux, 29

hard-disk optimizations, making permanent, 410–411


checking against SUSE Hardware Database, 31

compatibility of Linux with, 8–9, 82

configuring during installation of SUSE Linux, 50–51

configuring with YaST2, 82

hardware bus, scanning for SCSI devices, 431

hardware database, web address for, 285

hardware devices, location of, 209–210

hdparm command-line tool

benchmarking hard disks with, 406–407

changing hard disk settings with, 408–410

example of, 475

features of, 406–407

head command

example of, 475

viewing text files with, 230

headers, adding in Writer, 334

headlines, displaying with KNewsTicker applet, 139


accessing, 185–187

obtaining for BASH shell, 199–200

Help Agent core function in OpenOffice.org, using, 321

help command in BASH shell, example of, 475

HELP command in DOS, Linux shell equivalent for, 202

Help command in sftp, function associated with, 441

hidden files, displaying in Konqueror, 423

Hide button, description of, 75

hierarchical file system, explanation of, 217

history command in BASH shell, example of, 475

/home folder, advisory about deletion of, 165

home directories

contents of, 219

creating for users, 398

/home folder, backing up, 427

host command in BASH shell, example of, 475

hostname command in BASH shell, example of, 475

HTM and HTML extensions, file type associated with, 169

HTML Document configuration options in OpenOffice.org, description of, 319

Hue/Saturation option in The Gimp, effect of, 292

Hurd kernel, development of, 16

hwinfo command, scanning for SCSI devices with, 431

Beginning SUSE Linux from Novice to Professional
Beginning SUSE Linux: From Novice to Professional
ISBN: 1590594584
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 293
Authors: Keir Thomas

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