Galeon, Galeon

configuration, Galeon

help, Galeon

Galeon command (Internet menu), Galeon

Galeon FAQ command (Help menu), Galeon

games, Games

Web sites, Games

Gateway IP addresses

Red Hat Linux installation, Table 1-1. System Requirements Table

geometry file, The Device Directory


formatting diskettes, Using gfloppy, Figure 7-3. gfloppy Status Box

gif files, Table 9-1: File Types and Extensions

GIMP, Manipulating Images with The GIMP

(GNU Image Manipulation Program), Manipulating Images with The GIMP

documentation, Related Documentation

filters, Figure 15-7. An Image Modified with a GIMP Filter

manipulating images, Manipulating Images with The GIMP, GIMP Basics, Figure 15-5. The GIMP in Action, Loading a File, Saving a File, GIMP Options, Figure 15-9. Using the Text Tool on an Image

publications, Books about The GIMP

resources, Books about The GIMP

The GIMP command (Graphics menu), GIMP Basics

GIMP website, Useful Websites


(Greenwich Mean Time), Time Zone Configuration


Galeon, Galeon

GNOME Lokkit, GNOME Lokkit

activating firewalls, Activating the Firewall, Mail Relay

activating iptables service, Activating the iptables Service

configuration, GNOME Lokkit Configuration, Figure 17-2. Basic Configuration

configuring services, Configuring Services

DHCP, DHCP, Figure 17-4. DHCP

local hosts, Local Hosts, Figure 17-3. Local Hosts

GNOME System Monitor, System Processes

GNU Image Manipulation Program., see gimp


printing web site, Additional Resources

GnuPG key, Checking a Package's Signature

GnuPG signature, Verifying the Signature of Packages

Gorilla Window Border Style window, Figure 6-18. The Gorilla Window Border Style


documentation, Related Documentation

viewing images, Viewing Images with GQview, Figure 15-4. The GQview Options Dialog Box

GQview command (Graphics menu), Viewing Images with GQview

GQview Options dialog box, Figure 15-4. The GQview Options Dialog Box

GQview website, Useful Websites

GRand Unified Bootloader., see grub

graphical desktop, Graphical Interface, Figure 5-4. The Graphical Desktop, Introducing the Red Hat Desktop

customizing, Customizing the Desktop, Customizing the Panel, Adding Icons and Applets to the Panel, Autohiding the Panel, Adding Drawers to the Panel, Figure 6-12. Adding a Drawer to the Panel, Moving the Panel, Resizing the Panel, Adding Panels, Figure 6-13. Adding New Panels, Deleting a Panel

icons, The Home Icon, 6-8. Your Default Save Directory: 8212; Home, The Home Icon, Figure 6-9. Creating a New Folder, Deleting Files with the Trash Icon, Recovering Files from the Trash, Emptying the Trash

logging out, Logging Out

Nautilus. , see nautilus

Panel, Introducing the Panel, Figure 6-2. The Panel at the Bottom of the Desktop, Using the Main Menu, Introducing Applets, Workspace Switcher, Figure 6-3. The Workspace Switcher, The Taskbar, Figure 6-4. The Taskbar, Working with Icons, Using the Notification Area

Start Here window, Start Here, Figure 6-7. The Start Here Window

Graphical Desktop Environment, Introductory Terms

graphical desktops

customizing, Changing Desktop Backgrounds, Figure 6-19. Changing Your Desktop Background, Changing Window or Desktop Patterns, Figure 6-20. Changing Your Desktop and Window Patterns, Changing Window or Desktop Colors, Figure 6-21. Changing Desktop and Window Colors, Adding Emblems to Icons, Figure 6-22. Adding Emblems to Icons, Resizing Icons

graphical GRUB

troubleshooting, Trouble with the Graphical GRUB Screen?

graphical installation

troubleshooting, Problems Booting into the Graphical Installation

graphical LILO

troubleshooting, Trouble with the Graphical LILO Screen?

graphical log outs, Graphical Logout, Figure 5-6. Logout Confirmation

graphical login

changing to text logins, Unresolved Dependencies

Graphical Login screen, Figure 5-3. The Graphical Login Screen

graphical logins, Graphical Login

graphical screen

changing shell prompt to, Changing Login from Console to X at Startup

graphical shutdowns, Graphical Shutdown

Graphical User Interface., see guis

Graphics command (Insert menu), Writer

Graphics menu commands

From File, Writer

GQview, Viewing Images with GQview

The GIMP, GIMP Basics

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), Time Zone Configuration

grep command, The grep Command, Table 24-1: A Comparison of MS-DOS and Linux Commands

grep output, System Processes

Group Properties window, Figure 10-6. Group Properties

Group tab (User Manager), 10-1. User Manager: 8212; Users Tab

groups, Chapter 10: Managing Users and Groups

adding, Adding a New Group

configuration, User and Group Configuration

packaged, Package Group Selection

properties, Modifying Group Properties

Groups tab (User Properties window), Modifying User Properties

GRUB, Boot Loader Configuration, Creating a New Boot Loader Configuration, One Last Wrinkle: Using GRUB or LILO

(GRand Unified Bootloader), Creating a New Boot Loader Configuration

booting to single-user mode, Booting into Single-User Mode in GRUB

graphical, Trouble with the Graphical GRUB Screen?

GUIs, The Graphical Installation Program User Interface, Introductory Terms

(Graphical User Interface), Introductory Terms

definition, Introductory Terms

X Window System. , see x window system


compressing files, gzip and gunzip

gz files, Table 9-1: File Types and Extensions


compressing files, gzip and gunzip

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