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Readers of MySQL Database Design and Tuning will help themselves and their organizations in at least five ways:

  • Simplicity There's a common belief that the simplest solution is by definition a slow solution. However, this is often incorrect. In fact, a well-designed, optimized database application is frequently cleaner and more elegant than an overengineered product. Good performance and simple design are rarely mutually exclusive. This book always opts for the simplest, fastest solution.

  • Productivity Database-centric applications often serve as the cornerstone of an organization's operations. A nonoptimized solution wastes each user's time. When multiplied by the large number of internal and external users affected by these delays, the cost to the organization's productivity can be staggering. MySQL Performance Optimization is filled with easily implemented tips and tricks that will have a dramatic, positive impact on performance.

  • Reliability Response and reliability problems often are mistaken for each other. For example, imagine that you are a user of a popular website that is built on MySQL. You have just submitted an e-commerce payment form. Unfortunately, the site database and application designers never planned for large numbers of users inserting information at the same time, so your browser appears to "hang" while waiting for a response. From the user's perspective, is this a flaw in response or reliability? It really doesn't matter because you now have an unhappy customer who thinks that your website is "buggy." Faster systems equal more reliable systems.

  • Cost control Hardware prices continue to fall; memory and disk drives are now so cheap that you might wonder if they will be offered in cereal boxes before too long. Nevertheless, many organizations that employ MySQL are cost conscious. Squeezing an extra 10% or 20% from your applications might spell the difference between your raise money being spent on you or on a new CPU.

  • User satisfaction Although your users will likely love your MySQL-based solutions, it's doubtful that they will want to spend any more time staring at their screens awaiting response than is absolutely necessary. Each year, users grow more sophisticated and less tolerant of delay. In some cases, a perfectly good system is abandoned because of performance problems. MySQL Performance Optimization is designed to help you delight your users by delivering the fastest, most reliable solutions.

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    MySQL Database Design and Tuning
    MySQL Database Design and Tuning
    ISBN: 0672327651
    EAN: 2147483647
    Year: 2005
    Pages: 131

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