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Scalability Experts, Inc., focuses on the backbone of business successthe integrity and reliability of your Microsoft SQL Server system. Scalability Experts core competencies include consolidation, Business Intelligence, upgrade, migrations and database assessments. SE's specialized approach allows it to provide SQL Server users with the most experienced, innovative and intelligent SQL Server consultants and trainers to help them reach higher goals in less time than expected. Its SQL Server Master Series workshops focus on 300-400 level education in scalability, high availability, security, performance tuning, and database migration. By combining consulting, analysis and knowledge transfer Scalability Experts offers unique solutions that allow SQL Server users to dramatically increase the productivity and dependability of their current and future Microsoft SQL Server implementations.

Microsoft SQL Server 2005(c) Changing the Paradigm
Microsoft SQL Server 2005: Changing the Paradigm (SQL Server 2005 Public Beta Edition)
ISBN: 0672327783
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 150

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