Conventions Used in This Book

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Italic is used for:

  • Pathnames, filenames, and program names

  • New terms where they are defined

  • Internet addresses, such as domain names and URLs

Constant width is used for:

  • Anything that appears literally in a JSP or Java program, including keywords, data types, constants, method names, variables , class names, and interface names

  • Command lines and options that should be typed verbatim on the screen

  • All JSP and Java code listings

  • HTML documents, tags, and attributes

Constant width italic is used for:

  • General placeholders that indicate that an item is replaced by some actual value in your own program

Constant width bold is used for:

  • Text that is typed in code examples by the user

This icon designates a note, which is an important aside to the nearby text.

This icon designates a warning relating to the nearby text.

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