32.2 Assumptions

In all of the tests, it is assumed you have a Samba server called BIGSERVER and a PC called ACLIENT both in workgroup TESTGROUP.

The procedure is similar for other types of clients .

It is also assumed you know the name of an available share in your smb.conf . I will assume this share is called tmp . You can add a tmp share like this by adding the lines shown in Example 32.1.

Example 32.1 smb.conf with [tmp] share
  [tmp]   comment = temporary files   path = /tmp   read only = yes  



These tests assume version 3.0.0 or later of the Samba suite. Some commands shown did not exist in earlier versions.

Please pay attention to the error messages you receive. If any error message reports that your server is being unfriendly, you should first check that your IP name resolution is correctly set up. Make sure your /etc/resolv.conf file points to name servers that really do exist.

Also, if you do not have DNS server access for name resolution, please check that the settings for your smb.conf file results in dns proxy = no . The best way to check this is with testparm smb.conf .

It is helpful to monitor the log files during testing by using the tail -F log_file_name in a separate terminal console (use ctrl-alt-F1 through F6 or multiple terminals in X). Relevant log files can be found (for default installations) in /usr/local/samba/var . Also, connection logs from machines can be found here or possibly in /var/log/samba , depending on how or if you specified logging in your smb.conf file.

If you make changes to your smb.conf file while going through these test, remember to restart smbd and nmbd.

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