19.2 Discussion

If not supplied with your platform distribution binary Samba package you may have problems compiling these modules, as shared libraries are compiled and linked in different ways on different systems. They currently have been tested against GNU/Linux and IRIX.

To use the VFS modules, create a share similar to the one below. The important parameter is the vfs objects parameter where you can list one or more VFS modules by name . For example, to log all access to files and put deleted files in a recycle bin, see Example 19.1.

Example 19.1 smb.conf with VFS modules
  [audit]   comment = Audited /data directory   path = /data   vfs objects = audit recycle   writeable = yes   browseable = yes  

The modules are used in the order in which they are specified.

Samba will attempt to load modules from the /lib directory in the root directory of the Samba installation (usually /usr/lib/samba/vfs or /usr/local/samba/lib/vfs ).

Some modules can be used twice for the same share. This can be done using a configuration similar to the one shown in Example 19.2.

Example 19.2 smb.conf with multiple VFS modules
  [test]   comment = VFS TEST   path = /data   writeable = yes   browseable = yes   vfs objects = example:example1 example example:test   example1:  parameter = 1   example:  parameter = 5   test:  parameter = 7  

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