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Samba-3 by Example: Practical Exercises to Successful Deployment, Second Edition
By John H. Terpstra
Publisher: Prentice Hall PTR
Pub Date: August 08, 2005
ISBN: 0-13-188221-X
Pages: 512

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   Praise for Samba-3 by Example
   Bruce Perens' Open Source Series
   About the Cover Artwork
   List of Examples
   List of Figures
   List of Tables
      By John M. Weathersby, Executive Director, OSSI
      Why Is This Book Necessary?
      Samba 3.0.20 Update Edition
      Summary of Topics
      Conventions Used
    Part I:  Example Network Configurations
          Chapter 1.  No-Frills Samba Servers
      Section 1.1.  Introduction
      Section 1.2.  Assignment Tasks
      Section 1.3.  Questions and Answers
          Chapter 2.  Small Office Networking
      Section 2.1.  Introduction
      Section 2.2.  Dissection and Discussion
      Section 2.3.  Implementation
      Section 2.4.  Questions and Answers
          Chapter 3.  Secure Office Networking
      Section 3.1.  Introduction
      Section 3.2.  Dissection and Discussion
      Section 3.3.  Implementation
      Section 3.4.  Questions and Answers
          Chapter 4.  The 500-User Office
      Section 4.1.  Introduction
      Section 4.2.  Dissection and Discussion
      Section 4.3.  Implementation
      Section 4.4.  Questions and Answers
          Chapter 5.  Making Happy Users
      Section 5.1.  Regarding LDAP Directories and Windows Computer Accounts
      Section 5.2.  Introduction
      Section 5.3.  Dissection and Discussion
      Section 5.4.  Samba Server Implementation
      Section 5.5.  Samba-3 BDC Configuration
      Section 5.6.  Miscellaneous Server Preparation Tasks
      Section 5.7.  Windows Client Configuration
      Section 5.8.  Key Points Learned
      Section 5.9.  Questions and Answers
          Chapter 6.  A Distributed 2000-User Network
      Section 6.1.  Introduction
      Section 6.2.  Dissection and Discussion
      Section 6.3.  Implementation
      Section 6.4.  Questions and Answers
    Part II:  Domain Members, Updating Samba and Migration
          Chapter 7.  Adding Domain Member Servers and Clients
      Section 7.1.  Introduction
      Section 7.2.  Dissection and Discussion
      Section 7.3.  Implementation
      Section 7.4.  Questions and Answers
          Chapter 8.  Updating Samba-3
      Section 8.1.  Introduction
      Section 8.2.  Upgrading from Samba 1.x and 2.x to Samba-3
      Section 8.3.  Updating a Samba-3 Installation
          Chapter 9.  Migrating NT4 Domain To Samba-3
      Section 9.1.  Introduction
      Section 9.2.  Dissection and Discussion
      Section 9.3.  Implementation
      Section 9.4.  Questions and Answers
          Chapter 10.  Migrating Netware Server to Samba-3
      Section 10.1.  Introduction
      Section 10.2.  Dissection and Discussion
      Section 10.3.  Implementation
    Part III:  Reference Section
          Chapter 11.  Active Directory, Kerberos, and Security
      Section 11.1.  Introduction
      Section 11.2.  Dissection and Discussion
      Section 11.3.  Implementation
      Section 11.4.  Questions and Answers
          Chapter 12.  Integrating Additional Services
      Section 12.1.  Introduction
      Section 12.2.  Dissection and Discussion
      Section 12.3.  Implementation
      Section 12.4.  Questions and Answers
          Chapter 13.  Performance, Reliability, and Availability
      Section 13.1.  Introduction
      Section 13.2.  Dissection and Discussion
      Section 13.3.  Guidelines for Reliable Samba Operation
      Section 13.4.  Key Points Learned
          Chapter 14.  Samba Support
      Section 14.1.  Free Support
      Section 14.2.  Commercial Support
          Chapter 15.  A Collection of Useful Tidbits
      Section 15.1.  Joining a Domain: Windows 200x/XP Professional
      Section 15.2.  Samba System File Location
      Section 15.3.  Starting Samba
      Section 15.4.  DNS Configuration Files
      Section 15.5.  Alternative LDAP Database Initialization
      Section 15.6.  The LDAP Account Manager
      Section 15.7.  IDEALX Management Console
      Section 15.8.  Effect of Setting File and Directory SUID/SGID Permissions Explained
      Section 15.9.  Shared Data Integrity
          Chapter 16.  Networking Primer
      Section 16.1.  Requirements and Notes
      Section 16.2.  Introduction
      Section 16.3.  Exercises
      Section 16.4.  Dissection and Discussion
      Section 16.5.  Questions and Answers
        Appendix A.  GNU General Public License
      Section A.1.  Preamble
      Section A.2.  Terms and Conditions for Copying, Distribution and Modification
      Section A.3.  How to Apply These Terms to Your New Programs
       CD-ROM Warranty
   Subject Index

Samba-3 by Example. Practical Exercises to Successful Deployment
Samba-3 by Example: Practical Exercises to Successful Deployment (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 013188221X
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 142

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