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Backward pass
Bad debt example [See debt example]
Balanced transportation problem 2nd
Bank of America
Bar chart
Basic feasible solution 2nd 3rd
Basic variables
Battle of Britain
Bayes, Thomas
Bayes's rule
Bayesian analysis 2nd
Beer, Stafford
Bernoulli process
Beta distribution
Bias [See average error]
Binomial distribution
Blackett, P.M.S.
Blackett's Circus
Blend example (linear programming)
Bolder Boulder (10-K race)
Booz, Allen, Hamilton
Branch and bound method 2nd
Branches 2nd 3rd
Brand-switching problem
Break-even analysis 2nd 3rd
        Excel 2nd
        Excel QM
        fixed costs 2nd
        graphical solution
        profit 2nd
        profit analysis
        QM for Windows 2nd
        total cost
        variable costs
        volume 2nd 3rd
Break-even point
Break-even volume
Buffer stock
Bush, Vannevar

Introduction to Management Science
Introduction to Management Science (10th Edition)
ISBN: 0136064361
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 358

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