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IT Services: Costs, Metrics, Benchmarking, and Marketing

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1. Introduction
     1.1 Background
     1.2 Sourcing from Within ”Why Insource?
     1.3 Planning for Success

2. Getting Started
     2.1 Writing the Job Ticket ”"The Ask"
     2.2 Forming "The Core Team"
     2.3 Charting the Approach

3. Establishing and Managing Coalitions ”Gaining Buy-In
     3.1 Establish Management Buy-In Early
     3.2 Establish Customer Buy-In Early
     3.3 Establish Supplier Coalitions
     3.4 Establish an Information Network
     3.5 Identify and Understand Risk

4. Business Linkage
     4.1 Understanding the Company Mission
     4.2 Services in a Traditional Business Framework
     4.3 Object-Oriented Service Delivery Framework
     4.4 Balancing the Services
     4.5 Services Linkages

5. Marketing and Communications
     5.1 Marketing 101
     5.2 Communicate Early and Often ”Who,What, When, Where, How
     5.3 Define/Communicate the Metrics Upfront ”Quality, Cost, Delivery, Value
     5.4 Understand/Identify and Communicate Risk
     5.5 Explain Roles and Responsibilities

6. Taking a Customer Approach
     6.1 Understanding Your Customers' Requirements
     6.2 Developing the Service Model
     6.3 One-Stop Shopping ”Seamless Delivery
     6.4 Customer Satisfaction

7. Processes and Procedures
     7.1 Introduction
     7.2 Customer Communication
     7.3 Internal Communication Processes and Procedures
     7.4 Change Control Process

8. Structuring for Success
     8.1 Introduction
     8.2 Structuring the Organization

9. Resource and Cost Model
     9.1 Introduction
     9.2 Resource Model
     9.3 Estimating Server Units
     9.4 Resource Spreadsheet
     9.5 Cost Management
     9.6 Ongoing DB Monitoring and Maintenance
     9.7 Application Server Support
     9.8 Cost Model

10. Benchmarking
     10.1 Why Benchmark?
     10.2 Establishing a Company Profile
     10.3 Identifying Target Companies
     10.4 Developing Your Questionnaire
     10.5 Analyzing the Benchmark Data
     10.6 Implementation

11. Measuring Success
     11.1 Defining Success
     11.2 Ensuring Success
     11.3 Metrics
     11.4 When Have You Reached Success?

12. Lessons Learned ”Key Messages
     12.1 Overview
     12.2 Processes
     12.3 People
     12.4 Communication
     12.5 Technology

13. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A. Job Descriptions
     A.1 Account Manager
     A.2 Oracle System Administrator (OSA)
     A.3 System Administrator (SA)
     A.4 Database Administrator (DBA)
     A.5 Network Specialist (NS)
     A.6 Operational Manager (Ops Mgr)
     A.7 Customer Services Manager (CS Mgr)

B. Sample Service Level Agreement
     Section I: System Availability
     Section II: Problem Management
     Section III: Support Services
     Attachment B: Problem Severity Definitions
     Attachment C: Problem Resolution Control
     Attachment D: Status Call Contacts
     Attachment E: Escalation Contacts

IT Services Costs, Metrics, Benchmarking and Marketing
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