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C# programming language, WPF component
calcTotal() method
     Cart class
     ShoppingCartItem class
CandlestickChart controls
CandleStickSeries class
canLoadWSDL() function
Canvas containers
     Button controls
     constraints allowed
     Label controls
     rules for children
capture phase, event flow
cardExpirationMonth property
     BillingInfo component
     OrderInfo class
cardExpirationYear property
     BillingInfo component
     OrderInfo class
cardNumber property
     BillingInfo component
     OrderInfo class
cardNumberSource property, CreditCardValidator class
cardType property
     BillingInfo component
     OrderInfo component
Cart component
     reading SharedObject data 2nd
cartDataLoaded event
Cartesian charts
     horizontal and/or vertical axes
cartGrid style class
cartView state 2nd 3rd
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
     class or type selectors
     graphical skins
     setting styles with CSS files
case sensitivity
     MXML components
     MXML language
     RemoteClass metadata attributes
     SortField class
     States view
casting objects
catch blocks
     finally statement
categories property, ArrayCollection class 2nd
categorizedProductDataLoaded() function 2nd 3rd 4th
CategorizedProductManager component 2nd
categorizedProducts property
Category class
category nodes
CategoryEvent class
categoryID property
categorySelect() function
categorySelect() method 2nd
categoryText style class
CategoryView component 2nd 3rd 4th
     custom History Manager
catHandler() method
catID property, Category class 2nd 3rd
catName property, Category class 2nd
catSelected property, CategoryView component
CCInfo component
CDATA tags
CFCs (ColdFusion components)
     creating with Data Management Service
     Data Management Service
CFEclipse, installing
Channel class
     ChannelSet class
     Data Management Service
     Flex Messaging Service
     remote services
ChannelSet class
Chart components
     chart events
     chart series
     interacting with charts
     parts of charts
     types of charts
ChartPod component 2nd
     adding DataGrid component
<chartType> tags
CheckBox controls 2nd
Checkout component
     changing state
     displayed by ViewStack
     ShoppingCart component
     using ViewStack
checkOutComplete event 2nd
child nodes
children, layout values
chrome, containers
     adding elements
class keyword 2nd
class selectors
     versus ActionScript classes
     custom classes 2nd
     protected methods and properties
     public versus private methods and properties
clearCart() method 2nd
click event
click events, charts
client/server systems, page-based architecture
clone() method, Event class
     CategoryEvent class
     ProductEvent class
close event
code hinting
coercing objects
ColdFusion components [See CFCs (ColdFusion components).]
ColdFusion Developer Edition
ColdFusion Extensions, installing
ColdFusion servers
     AMF (Action Message Format)
     FileUpload component
     pointing to server with <mx:HTTPService> tags
     RemoteObject components
         enabling calls
ColdFusion, starting
collections [See also ArrayCollection class.]
     data providers
Color style property 2nd
ColumnChart controls 2nd
ColumnSeries class
ColumnSet class
ComboBox controls/components 2nd 3rd
     dataProvider property
     rollOverColor style
     selectionColor style
commit() method
commitProperties() method
Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA)
ComparisonChart component 2nd
completeCheckOut() function 2nd 3rd
complex controls
components [See also ActionScript components; ; MXML components.]
Components view
     Controls folder 2nd
     Design mode 2nd
     Layout folder
compRPCResult() function
compRPCResult() method
configuration files
ConfirmScreen component
Console view
constraint-based layouts
Constraints area, Layout section, Flex Properties view
constructor functions 2nd
consumers (FMS)
Container class
     adding buttons
     child components
     layout area
     rules for children
     Show Surrounding Containers button 2nd
ControlBar containers 2nd
     rules for children
controls [See complex controls; simple controls.]
Controls folder
CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture)
cost property
createChildren() function
createChildren() method
createCursor() method, ArrayCollection class
createItem() method
createProduct() function
creationComplete event 2nd 3rd 4th
creationPolicy property, ViewStack class
CreditCardValidator class 2nd
cross-domain policy files
CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
     class or type selectors
     graphical skins
     setting styles with CSS files
CurrencyFormatter class
     displaying currency information
currentIndex property, Repeater component
currentItem property, Repeater component
currentState property 2nd 3rd 4th
currentTarget property
cursor property, ArrayCollection class
cursors, ICursorView interface 2nd

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Adobe Flex 2: Training from the Source
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