Lesson 21. Synchronizing Data with Adobe Flex Data Services

What You Will Learn

In this lesson, you will:

  • Conceptually understand how the Data Management Service functions

  • Configure the Data Management Service to work with a destination that uses ColdFusion components

  • Use a Flex Builder 2 wizard to create ColdFusion components that implement Data Management Service functionality

  • Retrieve data from a database using the Data Management Service

  • Use an editable DataGrid and have the changes synchronized with the server tier data store

  • Create an add and delete application using the Data Management Service

Approximate Time

This lesson takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete.

Lesson Files

Media Files:


Starting Files:


Completed Files:



Lesson21/complete/valueObjects/SmallProduct.as (created by Flex Builder CFC Wizard)

Lesson21/complete/flex2tfs/dmsCFCs/SmallProduct.cfc (created by Flex Builder CFC Wizard)

Lesson21/complete/flex2tfs/dmsCFCs/SmallProductAssembler.cfc (created by Flex Builder CFC Wizard)

Lesson21/complete/flex2tfs/dmsCFCs/SmallProductDAO.cfc (created by Flex Builder CFC Wizard)

This lesson will introduce you to the Flex Data Services' Data Management Service, and explain how to use it to synchronize data between client and server. Keep in mind that this is an introduction onlyit would take many times the number of pages in this lesson to fully explore all the amazing features of the Data Management Service. In the few pages in this lesson, you will see how to harness some of the powerful features when using Flex Data Services 2 and ColdFusion together.

Flex Data Services automatically propagates a changed DataGrid control to edit the remote data store.

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