naming your computer

coming up with a name for your computer/s is substantially different than naming yourself. the number of computers that you own (home-built or not) is very likely to grow over time, allowing you to create a network of multiple machines. a computer should have more than just a name, but rather a category of names. think of it as though you are the captain of your own hi-tech ship, and each computer on the network is one of your crew (or perhaps another starship that you command); your crew/starships will grow overtime. each system that you command should have its own name and the names should relate somehow so that they can also be referred to as a group. some people might choose biblical names, or the names of different stars in universe (different galaxies for different networks). you don't have to follow this type of convention but it is quite popular.

personally, i name all of my computers xariu-ce (i'm not telling you her pet name); she is my invention of the "perfect" girl whom i will have genetically created according to my exact specifications someday, kind of like in the movie weird science.

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