Running Reports

To run the previously defined or any of your created reports, go to the report folder that contains your desired report.

Select any of the reports you want to run. You may select the check box in the title bar to select all reports in the folder.

Press the Generate menu item and ZENworks runs each of the selected reports. When a report is completed, a browser window pops up with the report presented in the window.

You may also generate a report by pressing the Generate a Report quick task on the left task bar. This walks you through a wizard to generate any reports you select.

Figure 10.7 shows a sample report.

Figure 10.7. Sample generated report.

From the generated report you have several options presented in the button bar at the top left of the report. These buttons include

  • Print This sends the report to your printer.

  • Close This closes the report window.

  • Refresh This reruns the selected filtering options against the system and presents a newly run report in the same window.

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