What Happens When a Bundle Is Assigned to a Device

When an RPM bundle is assigned to a device, ZENworks attempts to install the packages in that bundle on the device. When the device performs a refresh, which is done at boot time or when the scheduled refresh interval is reached, the device becomes aware of any newly assigned bundles.

Because of the destructive nature of a preboot bundle, it is not automatically applied to the device. Manual steps must be performed for a preboot bundle to be applied to the device. Take the following steps to cause the device to run the preboot bundle at the next boot:


Open the ZENworks Control Center.


Browse to the device that needs to run the preboot bundle.


Open the device to the Summary page.


Select the Advanced option in the Preboot Work snapshot. A sample of this snapshot is displayed in Figure 7.19.

Figure 7.19. Sample Preboot Work snapshot on a device's Summary page.


The Advanced page of Preboot Work is displayed (see Figure 7.20).

Figure 7.20. Sample Preboot Work Advanced page.


Choose the desired value in the scheduled work: Do Nothing, Apply Preboot Bundle, Take an Image.

  • Apply Preboot Bundle displays the screen shown in Figure 7.21. From these fields you can select a bundle from the drop-down list. This holds a list of all the bundles that are assigned or indirectly assigned to the device. If no bundle is defined you may press the Browse button and select a preboot bundle. This causes the selected bundle to be assigned to the device. The other fields display information about the selected preboot bundle.

    Figure 7.21. Sample Apply Preboot Bundle option on the Preboot Work Advanced page.

  • Selecting Take Image displays Figure 7.22. This option requires that you enter the path and name of the image file to create when taking an image of the device. Additionally, you can select the level of compression for the image file.

    Figure 7.22. Sample Take Image option on Preboot Work page.


Press OK. The next time the device boots, the system applies the selected preboot bundle.

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Novell ZENworks 7 Linux Management Administrators Handbook
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